Can you really get paid to lose weight?

Slim down your waistline while you plump up your wallet! Sounded too good to be true, but there’s an app for almost everything these days! HealthyWage allows you to bet on your own personal weight loss goals, and pays out when you achieve them.

Bet on yourself and see how much you can gain while you lose!

About 10 years ago, I was really into the show Biggest Loser. I always wished that someone would offer to pay me to lose weight. I felt money would be all the motivation I needed!  I knew I had the ability to lose weight, and had slimmed down several times, only to lose interest and let my weight creep back up again.

I married a wonderful man, who loves just the way that I am. Which is lovely. It doesn’t keep me motivated to keep trim though. If I get down or stressed out I tend to start eating junk food and becoming sedentary (ie:binge watching Netflix and repeatedly telling it to “Stop judging me!” each time the “Still Watching?” pops up on the screen. I have been incredibly stressed out at work lately, it’s winter, the  days are shorter, Christmas poundage, all that.

I have felt exhausted all the time, low energy, and frankly a bit unhappy. We are trying to make a huge lifestyle change, and become self-sufficient digital nomads by the end of this year, and honestly, I haven’t had the energy to do anything outside of my day job, and occasionally cooking and cleaning. This gets me down, because in my heart of hearts, I want to be pouring ALL of my energy into this new online earnings lifestyle.

I knew I wanted a change, but frankly, all this “change” I was seeking was exhausting, so I took a nap. Or three. I read Pinterest articles on how to make money, and jotted down ideas for blog posts I was too tired to write. Then, a few days ago, I saw something that piqued my attention.

It was an article on HealthyWage, a company that let’s you bet on yourself to lose weight. I was thoroughly intrigued, so I went to the site and entered a goal weight and wager to see what I could potentially win.

If I lost 30 pounds in 6 months, while betting $100 a month, I could win $1238! That’s a gain of $638 back! Doubling my money on 6 months sounded amazing! I couldn’t believe it! A way to earn the extra income, lose the weight and have more energy to have to create other streams of income! Win, win, win!

I mentioned it to my husband, and he seemed really skeptical, which deflated me a little at first. I can be a bit sensitive about my weight, I imagine I am not alone in this! After putting my little pouty face aside, I realized it just reconfirmed my desire to want to do this,  and to show him that I COULD do it. I thought about it that night, talked about it with my sister and a friend and decided to do a bit more research.

When I looked for reviews, several came up, and they were very promising and positive.  I read several interviews on, which is a trusted blog I have followed for years, and it’s several interviews of success stories is ultimately what led me to take the plunge. (One woman made $2400 and used it as a down payment to purchase her own home!)

I let my husband know that I wanted to do it, and talked about the reasons:

  1. It’s a bet on MYSELF

    I don’t often bet on anything, and rarely on myself. It feels good to say that I have the confidence in myself to do this, and really put my money where my mouth is!

  2. I will be a healthy weight within 6 months

    My health is a concern, especially now that I am 35, and I am ready to make a change. In the same way that I don’t want to be in my Golden Years before I can travel, I don’t want to feel any older than I am! Being overweight makes me feel old and sluggish and not very sexy. I want to be as healthy as possible and take care of this one body I was blessed with.

  3. I will feel much more confident in 6 months

    I do not feel confident in my skin at this weight. No one is really reaching their best potential when they don’t feel confident. I want to harness all of my potential and really and truly be my best me. As I travel the world and take pictures, I want to BE IN some of the pictures as well! When overweight I shy from cameras, and I don’t want to feel that way anymore! I want to enjoy every moment, and document it as I go!

  4. Motivation!

    I require on going motivation, and having a time-bound goal. I can be impulsive and easily stray off course. I have learned some hard lessons and cost myself money and opportunity by procrastinating and wasting time. At the end of the day I can be incredibly lazy if allowed. Having the motivation of gaining money for my goals is great. Having the fear of losing the hard earned money I’ve invested? Priceless.

  5. Monetary gain

    Obviously, this is huge. We all need extra money for something. Making extra money to help you achieve a GOAL is the ultimate payoff. Having something tangible for your efforts, something that took you time and energy to attain is a great feeling. Like I said in previous blog posts about making money, earning for the ultimate goal is the key to your success. Working for the Almighty Dollar will never bring you as much success as working towards your GOAL. My goal is to save enough money to leave my day job and become a digital nomad. Every dollar saved or earned at this point goes straight towards that goal to make it a reality. It drives me. I fall asleep thinking about it, and wake up dreaming of possibilities.

Time to wager!

I logged back in, and played with the calculator and googled healthy weight for my size. I needed to lose 40 pounds, which is more than I originally estimated. I divided that number by six months (which is our ideal time to start our digital nomad journey!) and kept my original bet of $100/mo.

This time the payout was $1553, a $953 profit in 6 months! All for getting in shape and achieving my personal goals! I decided to take the plunge and bet my first hundred dollars.

They give you the option of one lump sum, or monthly installments. We talked it over and decided that the $100 a month is a better motivator, because you are seeing your hard earned cash leave each month, and reminds you to stay focused.

I did the online weigh-in with my husband as videographer, though you can do it by yourself with a large mirror, this was just easier for me. We then downloaded the sweatcoin app on hubby’s phone, earning me 5 sweatcoins, and went on a long walk.

Sweatcoin is an app that literally pays you for walking outside! My sister told me about it a few days ago, and I’ve been earning them ever since. There are great deals and offers on ways to use your sweatcoins, you can even save them up and purchase Amazon giftcards!

I am SO amazed that there are apps out there that will pay you to get in shape! If you would like to start earning money for moving your buns, join me on this adventure while we slim down our bods while we fatten our wallets!

On sweatcoin click here to join me and start earning money!

On HealthyWage click here to calculate how much YOU can earn by betting on yourself!